Building Noise & Vibration

Whether you are a developer working on your latest multi-unit building or a condo board wanting to ensure that the acoustical requirements of the Ontario Building Code (OBC) are met before registration we can help.

In new construction or conversion projects, we work with the project team from the early stages to outline the desired noise and vibration objectives (OBC, Tarion and beyond) and the required construction to achieve those goals. Following construction, we can conduct measurements to verify that the objectives have been met.

If you are on a condo board and registration is coming up, we can conduct measurements to ensure that the builder has complied with the acoustical requirements of the OBC.  If you were sold better than OBC construction (eg STC 55 partitions), we can let you know if you got what you paid for.

Typical Projects

  • Tarion Bulletin 19R acoustical design, inspection and testing
  • Measurement of performance (eg. ASTC, IIC, RT60, NC etc.)
  • Mechanical equipment noise and vibration control
  • Noise complaint investigation, source identification and mitigation design