Environmental Noise & Vibration

We can provide noise and vibration assessments addressing the impact of road, rail and air traffic as well as commercial and industrial noise sources on noise-sensitive developments. Measurements and/or computer modelling are used to predict sound levels and design mitigation to comply with the required guidelines.

If you own or operate an industrial or commercial establishment, we can help you with your Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) through the preparation of an Acoustic Assessment Report (AAR) or an Acoustic Audit to confirm compliance with a previously prepared AAR. Don’t let encroaching noise-sensitive uses affect your ability to operate, get your ECA now to protect yourself.

Renewable energy projects are becoming larger and more common. We can prepare the required acoustic assessment to ensure compliance with the applicable guidelines.

Typical Projects

  • Preliminary Noise and Vibration Assessments to address feasibility/land-use planning applications
  • Detailed Noise and Vibration Assessments to detail the required mitigation once lot fabric and built-form are available
  • Acoustic Assessment Reports for submission to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) in support of an ECA application
  • Acoustic Audits in support of an ECA application
  • Noise Impact Studies for renewable energy projects
  • Peer Reviews